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Top 5 Spring House Hunting Tips

Spring and all its glory is right around the corner—just take a look at the signs all around you.

And once the home-buying season commences … so do the bidding wars and mad dashes from one open house to another.

Since the housing market can be tricky to navigate, here are our recommendations for handling the real estate landscape.


Tip #1: Close The Laptop

With the ease of real estate website search engines and MLS listings online, 90% of all home shopping is done on the internet.
What we have seen from years past that actually driving to the location that you are interested in living gives you a better perspective on the area and can increase or decrease your desire to buy in that area.

Get off the couch and go for a drive, look at the schools and what kind of condition they are in. Look at the proximity to your office and after office activities.

Tip #2: Educate Yourself on Market Values and Trends

 Just as we are here to answer any questions on mortgage rates and general questions, most real estate agents do not mind any questions that you might have.

Knowledge is power in everything, but especially when making major decisions like buying a home.
The more you know, the smoother the process and the more satisfied you will be with the end result.

 Tip #3: Nab Mortgage Rates—Now

Get locked in before you start shopping.
Before you hit the road shopping for your next home, get pre-qualified and have the hard work done before you start looking.


Tip #4: Build Your Team Before You Bid 

Assemble your team and get to know your realtor and mortgage lender before you start looking.

Building relationships and familiarization will make everything go much smoother as small problems arise.

Tip #5: Keep Negotiating Ideas in Mind 

Try to find out what the other side wants.
As you start placing bids and moving along with negotiations, try to think of the other party and find out what their motivations are.

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