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What to look for when shopping for a new home.

Springtime is the most active time of year for shopping for a new home.
While you may be out house-hunting this spring, here are 5 signs that you have found "Your Perfect House". 


1. The House Fits Your Needs

Everything that is on your list you have officially found.
Or if something isn't on your list it's easily changed.

Most people try to fulfill about 90% of their wishlist in a new home and either try to remodel or work with the few things that don't match their desires.

2. You Can't Wait to Brag About it to Your Friends.

If you instantly want to text pictures to your family and friends, chances are you have found the one.
Most people know they found the perfect home when they instantly want to start calling people to come to see it!

3. You Envision Furniture Arrangments.

"I want this picture here, and that couch there!"
You are already directing the movers where to set things in your head.
If you already mentally notice how perfect things fit into your new home, chances are you have found the one! 

4. The House Embraces You Instantly. 

You already can't wait to come home.
If you are already thinking about walking through the front door and seeing your family there is a good sign. 

Mentally picture your family in the front yard, or playing in the living room.
If you are loving the idea of living in this location and can't find negative reason to look further....then come see us and

5. Subconsciously you are possessive. 

"There has been another offer placed on this house"

Oh no, they didn't!
Easy there, it's not yours yet.

Already taking ownership after you tour a house is a sure sign that you are serious about purchasing.

While there are hundreds of signs a home is right or wrong for you, these are some of the ones we see all the time.

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